If you are overlooking the Boomer Consumer in your marketing plans, you are ignoring a demographic segment with vast reserves of disposable income. For the last 40 years, most advertisers have exclusively focused their marketing on reaching the 18-49 year old group. If you were over 50, marketers either pretended you were dead or lumped you into a group called “seniors.”

A recent study now shows that Boomers are the largest, wealthiest and most influential generation in America today. OutOfTheBlue is currently collecting information on this valuable consumer market to show why it is crucial to target this group, but more important we are going to focus on how to do it.


Some Facts About Marketing to Baby Boomers:


– Boomers 50 to 65 don’t think of themselves as old and ignore any sales or marketing message targeting “the old”.


– Today’s Boomer Consumer is, on average 55 years old, which means “Old Age” won’t happen until 20 years or so into the future.


– As we said before, Boomers don’t see themselves old…they still consider themselves middle-aged.


– Some marketers claim they don’t need to target Boomers over 50 because they still feel 40 years old. It doesn’t work that way. While they may still feel as if they are 40 years old, they have changed. They have grown, developed and matured.


– Contrary to popular belief, Boomers aren’t particularly brand loyal or set in their ways, opening the door to persuade them to try new products and services


Another thing to keep in mind, Boomers have been exposed to advertising since they were 5 years old. They are the most experienced mass media consumers in history. They know just about every advertising trick and are able to see right through a misleading message, which means your message must be honest and direct. They want advertising that gives them the information they need, makes it easy to get more information and is believable.

A final thought. One of our clients, Medica HealthCare Plans targets Hispanic and General Market Boomers over 65 who are eligible for Medicare. We have been very successful in developing advertising messages that are relevant, with emotionally compelling information to tell our client’s story. The creative is based on providing as much information as possible in an easy to understand and easy to read message. We’ve found that more, rather than less copy works better in reaching this target group.

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