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Every June through November, South Florida has the potential of being hit by a hurricane. In 1992, Hurricane Andrew was one of the most devastating storms Miami ever experienced. Twelve years later, most had forgotten the power of hurricanes, but in 2005, forecasters in South Florida were bracing for a very active season. If you owned a business in South Florida, you could experience downtime and financial loses if your company’s servers were not protected from disaster.

 OutOfTheBlue created an awareness campaign directed at South Florida businesses to prepare for the wrath of hurricanes. Using characters to depict the actual personality of the named hurricanes in 2005, the campaign created the sense of urgency needed to get the message across.

 Terremark experienced a 12% increase of companies moving their servers to the NAP of The Americas in the first 3 weeks of the campaign. By the end of the hurricane season a total of 30 local businesses had moved their servers to the NAP.